incipio iphone case

While I had it, I loved my Incipio Case, taking it under the water whenever I could. It was durable and as long as you enclosed the phone correctly, it kept my device safe and cozy. Incipio contacted me and wanted to mention some of my vacation photos on their blog and I was thrilled and honored. They also gifted some awesome gear to test out. 

About a month after, though, while showing off for my son in the best swimming hole in Oregon, my iPhone 5, enclosed in it's Incipio Atlas case, decided to explore the deep, leaving the confines of my velcroed pocket and dive into the unseen, murky waters of Steamboat Creek. 

I now have a new iPhone 6, and I hope that the crawdads enjoy their perfectly good iPhone 5. They won't have enough room to upgrade to iOS8 though....HAHAHAHA. Jokes on them.