father's day 2012

Being a Dad is really, really frightening and here I am in the middle of it.  My children are to the age where I see them everyday turning into real young people.  They create masterpieces on paper, invent the most hilarious games, laugh contagiously when they hear jokes, fight hard, play hard, and ask smart questions.  I feel more vulnerable in front of them because now they can recognize my mistakes, gang up on me, question my logic.  It feels like they can now glimpse the Dad that I know that I am, when I'm trying and when I'm failing.  But we can only do the best we can, admit when we aren't enough, and try harder to make it up to them.  As I hope they know, I love my kids more than I can stretch my hands, more than 100 million billion times around the moon, and farther than 3 universes tied together. Being a photographer gives me the freedom to be with them when they need me and I don't take it lightly.  This Father's Day, they kidnapped me and took me camping out to the Lewis River and Ape Cave.  I got to hold their hands and walk along a beautiful river, tickle them till they couldn't breathe, say words in funny voices, and tell spooky camping stories.  I was given an amazing album of my personal photos of them in the past year, their lives documented daily.  I am the luckiest Dad on earth.