a road trip across ireland

Ashley and I took a week to visit the Emerald Isle in March, as if we didn't get enough rain in Oregon.  With great rain comes great beauty, and after eighteen hours of airplane travel, we landed and drove three hours towards the west coast, beginning one of our high-mileage road trips.  From Connemara through Galway we saw the beautiful open bogs of Connemara National Park and Clifden Castle, then after driving through the Burren and balancing along the Cliffs of Moher we headed for Dingle, one of the many peninsulas worth experiencing.  Next, we skipped the Ring of Kerry and opted for the Beara Peninsula (the rugged and brutal coastline is well worth it) and then on through County Cork, eventually making our way back to Dublin.  Of course we could have stayed for weeks at any single destinations.  Nothing beats an Irish breakfast and the fresh seafood and Guinness (with black currant syrup) makes for warm cheeks and a happy belly.  

But most importantly, on Conor Pass above the green fields and spectacular Irish seas, Ashley and I decided that some journeys are worth continuing.  And the road goes ever on and on...

All images made with the Fujifilm x100s and X-Pro1, with the exception of the Holga, shot on Kodak Portra 800 120 film.  Developed and scanned by Blue Moon Camera & Machine.  More photos from Ashley can be seen here.