a picture a day project

When I first started photography, nothing taught me faster than shooting a photo a day.  I did a few years worth of 365 projects, habitually creating at least one picture a day AND usually posting it online somewhere.  It is always a big challenge and a lot of work.  So many nights after a long day at work I remember grabbing the camera at 10pm in the middle of winter, wondering what I could possibly inspire me to make a photograph.  In the book Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell, he submits that research indicates that to be an expert in one's craft, one requires at least 10,000 hours of effort.  That's a lot of hours!  I am now a professional wedding and portrait photographer, so  I could sit back, do what I know how to do, create pretty pictures and leave the camera at home when I'm not with clients.   But that's not me.  I am passionate about becoming a great photographer, and learning my craft through failures.  I want to be better about being in the moment, better at seeing beauty in the most mundane days.  I will be making pictures every day and grabbing the camera when I'm having the most fun as well as when I LEAST feel up for it.  Here we go.  This first month I have been using the Fuji x100 but it doesn't matter what you make pictures with, just make them.  The first 30 days: