a picture a day – days 331 – 365

A third year of completing a 365 project.  This year just felt different.  When I started years ago, this project of taking a photo a day helped teach me the discipline of using a camera, and forced me to see creatively in the little daily things.  Nowadays, I know how to use a camera and I use one (or two or three) for a living.  This distinction between personal work and professional work is blurry since I feel like my personality and vision gets imprinted on each image I make.  A camera has become part of me, a way for me to remember, a way to focus and be present.  I know that sounds like a lofty goal for a piece of technology. However this year I learned to release the camera from it's obligation to be accurate.  I find joy with the camera: the black and white, the motion blur, the wrong angle.  I find joy in the daily life: the rainy day, the homework, the walk to the park, the snuggle, the subtle look.  I don't believe that's because I'm just lazy now with the camera after years of shooting.  It's that I value how life is imperfect and beautiful and plain.  I tell my clients that a good photograph doesn't have to be dressed up, it should naturally come out and emotionally grab you.  That's a lofty goal for a photograph.  And this year, there were many days I didn't have those ideal pictures. I love them because they are not ideal or perfect.  These experiences happened and because I decided to use my camera, my memories are glued to these photos for life.

Feel free to browse this years photos in clumps of 30 from past days here.