How did you get started?

After I FINALLY bought a DSLR camera, photography became an immediate obsession. I started a 365 project shortly after, taking at least 1 photo a day, every day of the year.  A few family shoots and a friends wedding made it clear this is what I loved to do. Now I do this full-time for a living, supporting my family. And I love being a photographer.

There are 1.5 million photographers in the Portland, Oregon area alone.  Why should we choose you?

I believe your stats are correct. However, out of that 1.5 million, only a handful make their living doing wedding photography, and out of that handful, there are going to be even fewer that you connect with personally.  My highest recommendation when choosing a wedding photographer is to hire 1. someone you trust and 2. someone whose work you LOVE.  If you feel like you’d connect with me, let’s meet up!

Do you work alone?

If you don’t count my seven foot tall Wookie co-pilot, I typically work solo. I move like a cat in the night and do my best to blend into your celebration. The less intimidating the photographer, the more guests are free to be themselves! For weddings above 250 guests or multiple traditions happening at the same time, I recommend considering adding a second photographer since my current working clone is still glitchy. An extra perspective is nice to have when there are a lot of guests, and I only personally hire non-clone photographers who are professionals themselves.

Where are your favorite places to shoot?

I prefer to shoot in good light. If good light is in a field, a parking lot, a basement, or a marina, I’ll totally do it. The pictures are about you and being unique, so I try to avoid more populated destinations.

What’s in your gear bag?

Gear. I use Fujifilm & Nikon professional cameras and shoot with prime lenses. I have a backup camera of course. If lighting is going to be either tricky or dramatic, I bring my lighting stands, flashes, and all that nonsense so that I can balance on a bridge with incoming traffic with a ferris wheel in the background, if the situation calls for it.

What are these “photos” you are creating for me?

Full size, edited digital images! My portrait and wedding sessions usually average between 70-90 images per hour of shooting. For weddings, typical turnaround time for your pictures is about four to five weeks.  You are welcome to print and share these images for your own personal use but you can’t sell them to Vogue or Old Spice ad campaigns. That’s MY job!

What kind of photo schedule do you recommend for portraits on the wedding day?

Since it’s YOUR wedding, it really depends on your vision of the day. I highly recommend scheduling about one and a half hours total for people portraits (also including pets, zoo animals, or genetically modified dinosaurs). I’m very efficient with family pictures so give around twenty minutes for those groups of important people you’d like photos with.  Thirty minutes for the wedding party and about forty five minutes for pictures of the two of you snugglin’ up and that should do it.  Again, it really depends on what you’d like your wedding to be, so picture time may be broken up into lil’ bits. The best light will be happening later in the day, and the closer to sunset the better. Even if we have the majority of portraits done beforehand, if there is a beautiful evening happening, I'm gonna put a bag over your heads and steal you away for a few extra photos. You're welcome.   

How far are you willing to travel?

My travel restrictions prohibit me from leaving the Milky Way Galaxy (Still waiting for my visa from the Galactic Empire. So slow, they are). Otherwise, I love travelling and destination weddings. Contact me for a travel quote!

Do you offer discounts?

Since my business is based around photographing only a select number of weddings a year and because I want to be fair to all my clients, I don't currently offer discounts for wedding coverage. 

What’s with using film sometimes?

Film is gorgeous, unique, and can never be quite replicated by digital cameras (I’m talkin’ to you, Instagram!). Back in the old days, we didn’t have ‘puters distractin’ us from getting to school in the snow uphill both ways so we had to burn pictures into glossy paper using light and chemicals. I love the look of the good stuff, so I want to share it with you.

I love photography too!  How do I get better as a photographer?

Awesome! Making pictures will make you happy. There is always so much to learn but it’s not the gear, it’s the hours.  Just like any trade skill, you have to put in the time to learn. In my first two years with a camera I probably averaged at least 2 hours a day on photography (making pictures, editing, reading).  That was well over 700 hours annually of dedicated photo time on top of my regular day job and personal life.  You have to love it and keep at it, even when you don’t feel like it. But when you make that image you can be proud of, you’ll never stop.

Why do you eat so much?

It is a well-known fact that cows have 4 stomach compartments. A rare disease also occurs in some humans called psychoquadristomatitis in which an individual believes they possess four stomach compartments and therefore eats to compensate for their empty digestive system. Societal effects include successful burrito establishments, distrust of soup, and cranky behavior in between meal times. I have this.